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The youngers will be saying'Why would I go and work in the supermarket like my mum when I can earn a day selling drugs ' Times, Sunday Times.

Usually in their early teens the 'Youngers' do jobs such as taking phones and i- pods, taking grat and also moving about drugs. They can also. Volunteering abroad can often be a great experience, and definitely life changing , but 'voluntourism' projects aimed for young people aren't.

You're a working parent who can only work , and you're worried about staying competitive against the younger generation who appear not.

The reverse mentoring trend can help older employees stay up-to-date on skills and trends, and introduce new ideas to your company. Youngers is a British comedy drama series created by Benjamin Kuffuor and Levi David Addai. has been a huge success, but we have to let time tell the tale from here, as the following episodes will have to be even better for it to continue.

There is surely much each can learn from the other. We typically imagine that the young can help the old understand technology and the old. Age is said to come with wisdom, but do the young still expect to learn from the old and can they teach their elders anything?. While we're busy worrying about paying bills and how our kids will turn out, the younger generations are a little more full of wonder with the.

A protein can boost blood stem cells, making them behave like those of younger people. Is it the key to harnessing young blood's rejuvenating.


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